Me and the blog

I didn’t have a strategy when I started this blog (naive, I know – especially in this ‘influencer’ social media world we live in now), but I’m finding my groove and this blog is evolving.

The foundation will always be the African diaspora experience across various facets of life, including media representation, beauty, fashion, business, health and African and Caribbean cuisine.

I write about the stories I want to read (and those that resonate with you too, regardless of your ethnic origin! I’m guessing that’s why you’re here).  

Why the African diaspora?

Because I was tired of seeing a stereotypical narrative of black people in the media, or no narrative at all in some spaces.

Nothing supplements a blog more than good pictures! I’ve put in reference links to pictures on my blog. If there’s one that I’ve missed, sorry! Please let me know and I will add it, or if (it’s yours) you want it removed I will do so. However, some pictures are mine too.

Thanks for consuming my content, if you agree, disagree, like or don’t…let me know! Interact, engage, debate! You’re just a click away.

My journalism

Blogging fueled my passion even further so took the plunge and have become an NCTJ-qualified journalist and write for various publications.

Anything to say? write it here!

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