You’re probably just like me…

Curious and looking for honest stories from entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups on how they grow their businesses or side hustles.


Are you desperate to find fresh businesses catering to the needs of communities neglected by the mainstream commerce world, so you can find products/services created with you in mind?

Well, these are the reasons why I (Adelina) started this platform – Ad’s Diaspora, snippets of an African diaspora legacy. I’m an NCTJ-qualified freelance journalist and copywriter strategist (contact me here if you want to know about my copy writing services).

Here I’m getting ready to interview another great small business for my podcast

I wanted to hear about the stories I knew were out there but couldn’t find in mainstream media, so decided to be the change I wanted to see and find them myself!

I wanted to see positive stories about black people / the African diaspora in Western media, which is often lacking.

And I found out that I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. And that’s were you come in!

I spoke to friends and strangers at events (pre-COVID of course) and realised other people were looking for the same types of businesses and positive stories.

It empowers you to live your dream by understanding the business journeys of those from underrepresented groups and knowing it’s possible because they’ve done it.

It helps you find businesses disrupting the status quo and giving you products and services, you thought didn’t exist.

And another thing – freedom isn’t all about money and as the saying goes “health is wealth”, so you’ll find health stories on here too!

Ooo this is so exciting! I can’t wait for you to find all the gems in this treasure trove.

Peace and love,


Anything to say? write it here!

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