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My Liebster Award – I accept!


Big shout out to Life of Afua of Friday Born Designs who nominated me for a Liebster Award! I know what you’re thinking….”What’s a Liebster Award?”….

It’s the Grammy awards for new bloggers, who are nominated by their fellow bloggers to show some love and appreciation for all the hard work we put into our blogging craft!

The rules:

1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them

2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 400 followers

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

My Nominees:




Aurella Yussuf

The Commentator: Observations Of A Modern Life

Cerriann Taylor

African Art in London


TaDaa Nails

Questions for my nominees:

1. The inner city or the leafy suburbs?    2. What is your favourite quote and who said it?

3. Which actor would you choose to play yourself in a biopic film?    4. What’s your favourite colour?
5. What is the main theme of your blog and why?    6.One of the best books you’ve ever read?
7. If money was not an issue, what would be your dream job?    8.Cocktails or wine?
9. If you could make one thing in your country free, what would it be?  10. Is school the best place to learn. Why?

My answers to Life of Afua’s questions:

1. Favourite city you’ve ever visited? Having lived there for a bit would have to say NYC

2. Favourite song? I’m taking it waaaay back – Erykah Badu, Next Lifetime

3. What person inspires you the most? This is tough as there are quite a few but would say, Nelson Mandela

4. What made you start your blog? Encouragement from a friend and a chance to get my thoughts out to the world! lol

5. Favourite pizza toppings? Spicy beef

6. If you could do a degree in something new/different, what would it be? Geography

7. Apple or Samsung? Apple

8. Favourite childhood movie? Home Alone

9. Spring or Autumn? Spring

10. One piece of advice for the person reading this? Never convince yourself that you’re not good enough!



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The beauty of a legacy

I’ve been catching up on ‘TED Talks’, riveting as usual and the one that inspired this post is by Cameron Russell.

I’ve never heard of Cameron before but she is a model and her discussion was based around the power of imagery. This is a broad subject but as she is a model, you can guess that it was about body image and the impact it has on society, I did touch on this in my ‘Carbon copy’ post, following the BBC body image season.

Do you believe in luck?

Is it just superstition?

Are you in control of your destiny through free will or is it all in the hands of God?

Cameron believes that she won a genetic lottery and is one of the many slim white women who are beneficiaries of a legacy handed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years: tall + slender + white skin + shiny hair = femininity and beauty; and she has been cashing in on this legacy over the past ten years, using some of the proceeds to pay for her university education.

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Let’s just make up

As someone who does not wear make-up often, I was hesitant to write on this issue but realised that the inside knowledge of a Make-up Artist is not required here; so please read on :-). I came across an article in Pride Magazine recently, with the title: ‘Are make-up companies doing enough to cater for black skin tones?’ In my head I said no straight away, and went on to read the anecdotal article where the writer could not understand why it was always a challenge to find make-up shades for her brown skin, but her white friends had a plethora of choices: The writer recollects the common phrase shop assistants would use, ‘Yes, we go quite dark in our foundations’.

You may say, ‘isn’t this and old issue?’ The answer to that is yes, it was even covered in a Guardian article in 2011, but not much has changed. There has been some improvement though, but probably not enough.

Something similar happened to me recently when I went to buy some Tea Tree body wash from the Body Shop. Yes, I went to buy body wash and a shop assistant was trying to sell me make-up (that’s always the way I guess).

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Yes it’s my hair, ‘cause I paid for it!

Once again, I saw an interesting article in the London Evening Standard newspaper. For those of you who don’t know, this is a free regional newspaper. The Evening Standard newspaper brand fell into financial problems and was then bought in January 2009 for £1 by a former Russian KGB agent (the equivalent of a UK secret service agent…. like James Bond lol). In October 2009 it became a free paper in London and sold for 20p in suburban areas.

The 15th January edition had an interesting article in the ‘London Life’ section; interesting not because it was about hair weave but because it was from a white lady’s perspective. In the black community, hair can be a contentious issue for various reasons, but I don’t really know how hair weaves / extensions are perceived in the white community, I know among many celebrities weaves are cherished; Cheryl Cole, Tulisa, Eva Longoria have professed to loving hair weaves and I am sure they are not the only ones. The article intrigued me because it was a white lady who was not a celebrity – Jasmine Gardner spoke about her quest for long hair. I have seen many women of different races, white, black and Asian etc. wearing weaves in London, so I am interested to know how it is perceived among other races.

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Carbon copy

Is Image important? I wasn’t sure if I should write on this topic because even though it always seems to be controversial, it has been exhausted. Any conversation about body image can pierce the emotions of men, women, boys and girls. If you are reading this sentence, then you would have guessed that after my moment of deliberation in the sentences above, I have decided to comment on this topic. BBC3’s Body Beautiful season kicked off on 19th November and this is the main but not the only reason that prompted me to write. Surveying from a bird’s eye view, a few questions instantly flood into my mind:

  • Do men stress themselves about their body as much as women do? Watching an England football match would a man say, “Gosh, I wish I had legs like Rio Ferdinand!”
  • Do people in the developing world worry about body image? Or maybe they have more important things to worry about?
  • Who is to blame for the body image obsession?

The latter part of this year saw the annual fashion week brand come to life and it was not just about the clothes; there were definitely some alternations; Philip Treacy had an all-black model cast for his collection at London Fashion Week 2012; why? Apparently no reason was given, he just did it because he felt like it, I guess. Does this matter though? Is image important?

Philip tracey

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