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#Fashion week 2014 bits & bobs

After a month-long show case of new trends for 2014, the Fashion Week roadshow came to an end in Paris on 5th March 2014. Here’s a reminder of what went down!

Fresh in our minds, let’s start with the love capital of France; Paris: February 25th – March 5th 2014.

On the catwalk with Vivienne Westwood (

Vivienne Westwood : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

In the front row with the celebs at the Miu Miu show (

In the middle: Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street), Rihanna & Lupita.

Miu Miu : Arrivals  - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

On the streets of Paris with the fashionistas (

PFE 201 4SS

PFW street stule 2014

Paris fashion week 2014 - street style

The penultimate show was in Italy, Milan: February 18th – 23rd, 2014.

On the catwalk with 30 year-old Italian fashion house Moschino, recently headed up by American designer Jeremy Scott  (

Jeremy Scott for Moschino Jeremy Scott for Moschino

Another home grown Italian talent, Trussardi (

milan fashion week Trussardi

DSquared2 (

milan FW d sqaure

milan FW 2014 dsquared2

Naomi Campbell went cowgirl at the Philipp Plein show (Getty images /

naomi campbel Milan Fashion week

London ran the second leg of the Fashion Week relay: February 14th – 18th 2014

Size doesn’t matter at Vinopolis! (Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)

Hayley Hasselhoff

New girl on the block, the Lulu Liu show ( / Getty images)

london fashion wk 2014

We can’t forget NYC, who was first out of the blocks!

Betsy Johnson show

betsy johnson NY fashon week1

An old favourite 81 year-old  Oscar de la Renta (

Oscar De La renta ny fashion wk

Oscar De La renta ny fashion wk 2

( / Getty images)

NY FW Oscar de la renta

So this is what is on the catwalk now, but who knows what it will be next year? Either way we’ll be there for more inspiration to develop our own personal style. In the words of the fashion legend that was Yves Saint Laurent (1936–2008)  ‘Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal’. A new film about the designer’s life debuts in UK cinemas on 21st March 2014.

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Always from a colourful perspective

London Fashion Week 2014 – Love is in the air

Fashion Week season is upon us; New York started off the proceedings on 6th February and is passing on the fashion baton to London on Valentine’s Day.

Kelly Rowland and Ireland Baldwin at Cushnie Et Ochs show - NY Fashion Week Photo: Patrick McMullan Via
Kelly Rowland and Ireland Baldwin at Cushnie Et Ochs show – NY Fashion Week
Photo: Patrick McMullan via

I’m looking forward to what London has to offer, there are various designers on the roster including model turned men’s shoe designer Armando Carbral (Guinea-Bissau) and one of Fashion’s favourite son’s Tom Ford (United States).

Armando Cabral Photo:
Armando Cabral

East London’s finest, Nigerian model Betty Adewole was scouted in London at age 17, and the rest they say is ‘history’. Betty was unveiled as the new face of Tom Ford cosmetics earlier this year and booked to model in all four fashion weeks – NYC, London, Milan & Paris! In a recent interview, when compared to Naomi Campbell, Betty responded with true Nigerian confidence by replying, “She’s an amazing model but I’m very different. I’m Betty Adewole.”

Photo: Bing Images
Photo: Bing Images

Let’s hope London Fashion Week 2014 will be as bold and hopefully diverse. Get ready all you fashionistas! …

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Get nude for Valentine’s Day

I love Stylist Magazine; apart from being free there is always a range of interesting topics applicable to women of different races. Although I’ve seen some men reading it on the train too!

Stylist has done live debates about the lack of make-up for darker skin tones including the nude debate. Models from different ethnic backgrounds have featured in the magazine, which advertises a range of beauty products including afro haircare brand, Mizani (L’Oreal seem to want to cater for afro hair now. Or maybe it realises there are ££££ to be made). Of course I’m aware that other publications feature health and beauty topics related to women of different ethnicities, but as a mainstream publication Stylist has become more inclusive.

Why was I impressed when Stylist printed a double page spread called “African Beauty”, by Suzanne Scott, highlighting the natural resources of the Motherland which have become staple in western beauty products?

The fallacy that western and Asian beauty ingredients (which do have their benefits) are superior to those from Africa is ebbing away. From the solid mounds of Shea butter made across the continent including Ghana / Nigeria, to baobab tree seed oil harnessed in Botswana / Zimbabwe and marula tree oil from Namibia / Swaziland, Africa’s raw materials have been used by its people for centuries. It seems that fighting acne, stretch marks and maintaining soft cleansed skin is important to women (and men) around the world and has been so for thousands of years.

From a simple nut...Shea butter a.k.a Ori, ghariti, Nku Photo:
From a simple nut…Shea butter a.k.a Ori, Ghariti, Nku

With beauty comes nudity.
There’s been a growing trend toward nude makeup; giving the illusion that you’re not actually wearing makeup or of a more ‘natural’ look.  This nude style has slipped into fashion, with dresses and shoes also advertised as ‘nude’. Up until now, I’ve been on my own silent protest regarding ‘nude’ products, mainly because the majority of them are not nude for all!

Does this matter?

Yes it does.

If a company makes a dress, shoe or eye shadow for example, and calls it ‘nude’, it’s supposed to represent the natural colour of skin. If only one colour is defined in this way, then every other natural tone is excluded. Personally, I’ve never bought a product described as nude that doesn’t resemble my skin colour because it’s false advertising or is targeted at a specific consumer, which obviously isn’t me!

I’ve been lucky to find tights that match my skin tone (described as ‘chocolate’ on the label) locally by a brand called Gypsy, but this hasn’t always been easy. Thank goodness there are other brands providing more choice for ‘nude’ tights including a variety of skin tones, such as Brun et Noir Hosiery. Before Marks & Spencer started selling ‘chocolate’ tights they, like most high street stores had ‘nude/natural/tan’ tights which only came in one shade. It’s not just hosiery that has limited the description of ‘nude’ to one shade; the makeup industry has been culprit too. This is why when I saw the article in Stylist ‘This is not the only nude’, I thought, “at last someone states the obvious!” The title sums up the article perfectly; in it there are six broad categories for skin tones and natural coloured makeup which compliments each tone with the quote:

“Now is the time to reclaim the word ‘Nude’ to mean shades unique to the user.”

Hit the nail on the head!

You shouldn’t need an excuse to treat yourself but Valentine’s Day is hot on our heels, whatever your relationship status find your nude, and treat yourself!

The categories according to Stylist are below (I’ve added in pics of celebs who I think fit into each) 🙂

Type 1 – Very fair, always burns in the sun, hardly tans

Patsy Palmer - Eastenders' finest Photo:
Patsy Palmer – Eastenders’ finest











Type 2 – Fair, burns in the sun, tans with difficulty

Lucy Liu - Charlie's Angel Photo: Huffington Post
Lucy Liu – Charlie’s Angel
Photo: Huffington Post
















Type 3 – Fair, burns but tans gradually

Aishwarya Rai - Bollywood favourite Photo: Bing Images
Aishwarya Rai – Bollywood favourite
Photo: Bing Images













Type 4 -Medium, hardly ever burns, tans with ease

Jessica Alba - Fantastic Four Photo: Bing Images
Jessica Alba – Fantastic Four
Photo: Bing Images














Type 5 – Brown, rarely burns, tans profusely

Michelle Obama - Who is the First Lady of them all? Photo: Bing Images
Michelle Obama – Who is the First Lady of them all?
Photo: Bing Images













Type 6 – Dark brown, deeply pigmented

Lupita Nyong'o - Flying the Kenyan flag in Hollywood Photo:
Lupita Nyong’o – Flying the Kenyan flag in Hollywood

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My Liebster Award – I accept!


Big shout out to Life of Afua of Friday Born Designs who nominated me for a Liebster Award! I know what you’re thinking….”What’s a Liebster Award?”….

It’s the Grammy awards for new bloggers, who are nominated by their fellow bloggers to show some love and appreciation for all the hard work we put into our blogging craft!

The rules:

1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them

2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 400 followers

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

My Nominees:




Aurella Yussuf

The Commentator: Observations Of A Modern Life

Cerriann Taylor

African Art in London


TaDaa Nails

Questions for my nominees:

1. The inner city or the leafy suburbs?    2. What is your favourite quote and who said it?

3. Which actor would you choose to play yourself in a biopic film?    4. What’s your favourite colour?
5. What is the main theme of your blog and why?    6.One of the best books you’ve ever read?
7. If money was not an issue, what would be your dream job?    8.Cocktails or wine?
9. If you could make one thing in your country free, what would it be?  10. Is school the best place to learn. Why?

My answers to Life of Afua’s questions:

1. Favourite city you’ve ever visited? Having lived there for a bit would have to say NYC

2. Favourite song? I’m taking it waaaay back – Erykah Badu, Next Lifetime

3. What person inspires you the most? This is tough as there are quite a few but would say, Nelson Mandela

4. What made you start your blog? Encouragement from a friend and a chance to get my thoughts out to the world! lol

5. Favourite pizza toppings? Spicy beef

6. If you could do a degree in something new/different, what would it be? Geography

7. Apple or Samsung? Apple

8. Favourite childhood movie? Home Alone

9. Spring or Autumn? Spring

10. One piece of advice for the person reading this? Never convince yourself that you’re not good enough!



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African Fashion Week London 2013

Just over a week ago, I went to my first fashion show! I heard mixed reviews about previous shows so wasn’t sure what to expect. Either way I was still excited about attending the final day. I arrived later than planned, hot and flustered and stepped though the main doors. Upon entry I was eagerly handed a bunch of Lyca Mobile leaflets and other flyers. Unfortunately there was no air conditioning in the venue at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, East London, so I was glad I had a bottle of water with me!

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Bag this one up please!

July has been a pretty good month so far, for those who know me there is always one obvious reason. This month has also seen the start of an actual British summer! The second weekend of the month has been the hottest of the year. When the sun comes out,  like most people I have a little more of a bounce in my step and raid my wardrobe for the hidden gems neglected during the dreary winter months. I’m not really an accessories type of girl, but I do make exceptions! Bright like the summer’s day my handmade N’damus bag was catching the eye of passers-by as I strolled up Brixton Hill against a slight cool breeze, to the Urban Art Fair. I had no idea what to expect at the alfresco Urban Art Fair as it was the first time I attended, but I didn’t expect to bump into Brixton’s finest bag designer, N’dmaus’ Nneka, while wearing one of her creations and I wasn’t the only one! It’s nice that Brixton supports local talent, which stretches far beyond its own borders and even into the glossy pages of Vogue Magazine UK (August 2013 edition, out now)!

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Fashionably African

African fashion is becoming a global buzz and the fashion world seems to be opening up; the status quo challenged. In the UK there are various designers using African prints as their staple inspiration, which have been showcased across the world including; African Fashion Week London, last year’s NY Fashion week, African Fashion Day Berlino (included African, Afro-Caribbean and African-American designers) and Ghana Fashion and Design week in Accra, which had vogue Italia as its international media partner.

I’ve never watched a full episode of BBC interview program ‘HARDtalk’, but after watching the Ozwald Boateng interview (click here to view) aired earlier this year, the program definitely lives up to its name! Established Sudanese presenter Zeinab Badawi didn’t make Ozwald Boateng (Oz B – I will use this throughout the rest of the post :-)) comfortable and asked some pertinent questions (I suppose that’s what any credible interviewer should do). Some of which, I have wanted to know the answers to for a while.

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