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    Maybe successful activism only needs one common goal

    The Free Angela and All Political Prisoners documentary released in 2012, recounted the extraordinary events that simultaneously made Angela Davis infamous and heroic. I hadn’t watched it until last week;

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  • 5 musicals to see in London, if you haven’t already

    The UK has seen record breaking temperatures this summer, which inevitably encouraged people to make the most of their weekends. Summer also brings about nostalgia vibes and al fresco experiences.

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  • Will Danny Rose’s Depression Admission Impact Mental Health Care for Black People?

    The 2018 World Cup is in full swing, but it’s still important to think about how #mentalhealth can affect anyone #Threelions #worldcup

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  • James Baldwin’s unfinished business

    Few writers’ words still resonate thirty years after their death, but James Baldwin was no ordinary writer. It’s believed that Baldwin died of cancer on 1 December 1987 aged 63

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  • Why it’s important for all creatives to tell ‘niche’ stories

    The ‘blogosphere’ can be all-consuming; as bloggers we’re told that consistency is key but sometimes I don’t have time to reflect on how my blog has evolved. A recent Twitter

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  • Will Ryan Coogler direct Black Panther 2?

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) machine roars on, with its latest release – Avengers: Infinity War, expected to be the biggest Marvel film ever. Many people (who are not Marvel

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  • Block Party Cinema kicks off with a focus on Brixton

    The last film I saw at the cinema was Black Panther and before that, it was Girls Trip in July 2017! I am into films, but there just hadn’t been

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  • What are we going to do about colourism?

    While colourism extends to many cultures, this post will focus on colourism within the black (of African descent) community That Tweet (and all the others that have come before it)

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  • Does there need to be a Vogue Africa?

    Lagos was the cradle of African fashion a few weeks ago, hosting 2 big fashion shows. Lagos Fashion Week Nigeria (23 – 25th March) Arise Fashion week 2018 (31 March

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    Dark Sugars Cocoa House

    Not just for chocolate lovers, Dark Sugars is a nice spot on the famous stretch of road, know as Brick Lane, East London. When I saw how Dark Sugars do

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Women Warriors: Why Yaa Asantewaa needs to be remembered in Women’s History Month

Women History Month would not be complete without mentioning this Ghanaian heroine. When Queen Mother of Ejusi, Yaa Asantwaa fought against British colonisers she did it in boldness and not fear, with pride and not an inferiority complex. In 1900, a time without ‘womens movements’ and social media, Yaa Asantewaa was determined to fight for her people, for the Asante

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