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Chrisitan Louboutin’s nudes become more inclusive

It’s been a couple of weeks since Christian Louboutin announced the extension of his nude range of shoes from 5 to 7 different shades. A much welcomed announcement to shoe lovers (who can afford the luxury price tag), as it portrays an inclusive mind set in the luxury fashion industry. The range is labelled from Nude #1, which some describe as “porcelain,” and Nude #7, described by others as “deep chocolate.”

Louboutin nudes tweet

Louboutin’s first nude range launched in 2013, and three years later he’s broadened his horizons. I think the range should have been comprehensive from conception but at least attempts have been made to increase the Louboutin nude shoe collection. Luxury fashion may be accessible for a select few, but there are a diverse range of people who dabble in the luxury fashion bubble.

louboutin collage

“The nude collection is dedicated to people who want to have great legs, to have a great silhouette,” – Christian Louboutin

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the description “nude” because I didn’t see options which matched my skin tone, and that was a problem. I felt that it was false advertising, not just from Louboutin, but from any fashion retailer who used the term, alongside a limited product line.

Louboutin nudes sketch

Previously, Christian Louboutin has explained that according to him, “nude is not a colour, it’s a concept”.

What do you think?

Could this be the start of a much needed evolution in the fashion industry? Some designers are pushing the boundaries of fashion in a positive direction, #NudesForAll.

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Nigerian fashion jet-setter: Lagos to London direct

Africa is the second largest continent of the world and Nigeria is her largest country, with an estimated population of 163,000,000 (2011). I suppose it’s fitting that Black History Month in the UK falls in the same month as Nigerian independence (1st October 1960). Fifty-two years after this historic milestone, Nigerians seem to have a love affair with the UK, specifically London fashion. Reading the London Evening Standard newspaper, I was surprised to learn that Simi, the young lady featured, spends the equivalent of a decent London salary – £30,000 during six trips to London throughout the year on shopping and partying.

After a century, Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria’s Prime Minister, takes the baton of independence from the British. 1st October 1960.

With guidance from a shopping assistant, Simi is on the prowl for the best fashion London has to offer. According to the article Nigerians are the 4th highest foreign spenders in the UK. Some of the goods sought after include Christian Louboutin shoes (and other designer merchandise), clothes from Zara, Topshop, H&M and iPhones. There are Zara and Mango outlet stores in Lagos, but Simi says that the merchandise is ‘a bit last season’ and there is poor variety. She is also seduced by the ‘phenomenal customer service’ in London. Electronics are popular with Nigerian overseas shoppers who trust UK products over fake electronics which pour into Lagos from China. Simi obviously comes from a wealthy family but middle-class Nigerians are not left out of these Lagos to London shopping escapades. Of course Nigerians are not the only beneficiaries of this process; British Airways has increased its excess baggage allowance on London to Lagos flights, ASOS delivers to Lagos for free, while Debenhams in Oxford Street swallows up millions of naira (the Nigerian currency) each year as Nigerians are their biggest foreign spenders.

Naira notes; Debenhams’ best foreign friend!

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