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Another one bites the dust – No jobs for black boys

Once again BBC Panorama pointed at the elephant in the room last week, right after my favourite soap, Easterners. Don’t judge me, who knows what you watch behind closed doors! :-). Cleverly titled ‘Jobs for the Boys?’(I think Panorama intentionally didn’t say black boys), the documentary focused on the difficulty of young black men finding jobs in the UK.

‘49% of young black men (16-24) in the UK are unemployed, this is double the amount of their white counterparts. This is worse than South Africa’. – Quote from the documentary.

We all know high unemployment rates are affecting many countries in the developed world, so what is the fuss about, why did Panorama bother making this documentary? Why are young black boys always moaning? Maybe they are just lazy? This is ‘multi-cultural Britain’ after all! Championship winning ex-Arsenal and England footballer, Sol Campbell was the presenter who listened to disheartening anecdotes, including one boy who was sent back to prison, claiming that without a job, a life of crime is the only way he could survive.

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