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Never heard of it!

I do have an interest in health and science, so don’t get tired of the steady meander of health messages the government sends out. When I lived in New York last year I was actually surprised that there were hardly any on the TV, buses, Subway etc. I guess the agenda may be different in the US because Americans pay for their healthcare. In the UK sick people cost the government money because healthcare is ‘free’ via taxes. Smoking cessation is always on the NHS’ agenda, you may have seen the latest advert showing a man smoking a cigarette with a tumour growing out of it. I think it’s effective, but I’m not addicted to cigarettes, so it may impact me but whether it will scare the 20plus-a-day smoker is up for debate. Cancer is increasing in the developed world and we are hearing about it more and more; there are some diseases that don’t roll off your tongue as easily, the ones you’ve never heard of – they are neglected tropical diseases. Here are a few tongue twisters that you won’t find in a Christmas cracker:

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