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Angela Davis was right when she said “we needed a Donald Trump”

Before Donald Trump bulldozed into the UK last week, everyone knew there would be drama. Waves of protests in support of and against the US president were seen in England and Scotland.

Donald Trump was only in the UK for a few days, but his presence led to an estimated 250,000 protesters marching through London, along with the famous inflatable ‘Donald Trump baby’.  A far-right protest was also happening in the capital and some of those protesters were singing Donald Trump’s praises (of course). Wherever he goes, the Trump effect is palpable.

After criticising UK Prime Minister Theresa May, then sitting down to dinner with her and having tea with the Queen, Trump went to his luxury resort in Scotland for some downtime. However, Scottish protesters made it clear that Trump was ‘not welcome’ in their country because of his views, interpreted as racist and misogynistic.

As the leader of what is said to be the most powerful nation on earth, I get why Trump is constantly served to us on a platter by the media. Usually upon hearing his name I do the classic eye roll and sigh. Sometimes I actually laugh in moments of disbelief at what comes out of his mouth. Trump’s comedic value is up there with the best of them. All jokes aside, I am aware of how dangerous Trump is.

It was a quote from one of the most candid political activists of our time, Angela Davis, that made me think Donald Trump does serve a purpose. While many are repulsed by his views, there is no doubt that Trump has awoken the social consciousness of everyone.

Last year during a speech at Florida Atlantic University, while condemning Trump, Angela Davis stated, “maybe we need a Donald Trump to wake us up”.

Davis has been a political activist for decades and played a key role in the civil rights movement in America. However, it was in the early 1970s that she became infamous after being linked to the ‘Soledad Brothers’ case and listed as a fugitive on the FBI’s most wanted list. Davis was imprisoned, but during one of the most captivating trials of its time (hence inspiring a documentary), was exonerated by an all-white jury.

Angela Davis, Donald Trump, documentary, film, cinema
The documentary inspired by Angela Davis’ unique life story

In addition to affiliation with the Black Panther movement and more recently Black Lives Matter, Davis has also been described as a feminist. As a staunch adversary of Trump, at the age of 74, Davis shows no sign of her political activism abating.

There’s no doubt Trump’s presence on the global political landscape has inspired many. Trump inspires his supporters, who claimed they didn’t have a voice before him and everyone else who was wrapped up in apathy but now forced to stand against oppressive ideologies.


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Election 2015

election 2015

Decision time, Election 2015! It’s an election that is too close to call as there isn’t one party which stands out on the basis of strong policies. It’s a tough decision for many of us; there hasn’t really been much joy in British politics lately. It’s been a dirty campaign with broken promises, contradictory declarations, personal attacks, racial slurs and even death threats! Yes, death threats; the latest one coming from UKIP candidate Robert Blay, who has since been suspended from the party.

According to a Daily Mirror secret recording, when asked his opinion of Ranil Jayawardena, dubbed one of the most successful conservative Asian candidates ever and even tipped as Britain’s first Asian prime minister, Robert Blay retorted:

“If he is I will personally put a bullet between his eyes. If this lad turns up to be our prime minister I will personally put a bullet in him. That’s how strong I feel about it.”

“His family have only been here since the 70s. You are not British enough to be in our parliament.

“I’ve got 400 years of ancestry where I live. He hasn’t got that.”

Well……on a positive note, if all candidates where as honest as Robert Blay it would be a lot easier to know who to vote for! I’ve not heard much about Ranil Jayawardena but the Asian community are probably the most powerful and successful ethnic group in this country, so an Asian Prime Minister could be sitting in Parliament sooner than we all think. According to the Conservative Party website, Ranil Jayawardena is their candidate for North East Hampshire:

Picture: telegraph.co.uk

‘Ranil has served as a local Councillor since 2008 and is Deputy Leader of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, where he is responsible for the Council’s strategy and is Chairman of the Community Safety Partnership. He has previously been responsible for the regeneration of Basingstoke town and his commercial background is in financial services, so Ranil has a useful insight into today’s economic challenges, which he has brought to his role at the Council and hopes to take into Parliament. He is an alumnus of the LSE and is a Fellow of the RSA which, amongst its objectives, seeks to enable people to take an active role in solving problems in their own communities.’

On his selection, Ranil said: “I’m honoured to be the Conservative Candidate for North East Hampshire. I grew up here, live here and care passionately about our area. We live in a great part of the country but, having served as local Councillor, I’ve seen that we can make our corner of Hampshire even better. With the support of local residents, that’s what I’ll seek to do.”

I haven’t heard of a black candidate (during this election campaign) who could potentially run this country but that doesn’t mean black people shouldn’t vote. We may just have to go with the best out of a bad bunch but if black people don’t vote we release any ‘power’ that we do have…

Non-profit organisation ‘Operation Black Vote’ launched a campaign earlier this year, encouraging ethnic minorities to vote.

Actor, David Harewood

I’m sure you have all read the party manifestos?! :-). Some are below, but you can Google the rest and look at the policies which are most important to YOU and your family in 2015 going forward…don’t just vote for who you always have just because that’s what you’ve always done.

You have the power to choose.

X marks the spot.

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Election 2015

Labour Manifesto.

Consevative Manifesto.

Liberal Democrats manifesto.

UKIP manifesto.

Green Party manifesto.


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