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The beauty of a legacy

I’ve been catching up on ‘TED Talks’, riveting as usual and the one that inspired this post is by Cameron Russell.

I’ve never heard of Cameron before but she is a model and her discussion was based around the power of imagery. This is a broad subject but as she is a model, you can guess that it was about body image and the impact it has on society, I did touch on this in my ‘Carbon copy’ post, following the BBC body image season.

Do you believe in luck?

Is it just superstition?

Are you in control of your destiny through free will or is it all in the hands of God?

Cameron believes that she won a genetic lottery and is one of the many slim white women who are beneficiaries of a legacy handed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years: tall + slender + white skin + shiny hair = femininity and beauty; and she has been cashing in on this legacy over the past ten years, using some of the proceeds to pay for her university education.

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