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Living the 50-year dream

At 3pm on August 28th 1963, 50 years ago a man stood near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and told the world his dream.

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Yo, that’s dope!

The Athletics world was rocked this week for all the wrong reasons:

“I don’t have a sabotage story, I basically put my trust in someone and was let down” – Tyson Gay

It emerged that two of the fastest men in the world; multiple Olympic and championship medal-winning athletes, America’s Tyson Gay and Jamaica’s Asafa Powell who’s 100m record was broken by Usain Bolt (no introduction required), have tested positive for banned substances. Tyson Gay tested positive for an unnamed substance from a sample submitted in May. This situation is quite sad, especially because both are very successful, but now I wonder how much of that success is actual talent? Being an athletics fan, for a split second I thought this couldn’t be true, but the science rarely lies when it comes to doping tests and neither athlete has denied the results.

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